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Sagittarius Magic Horoscope for 17th May

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At the beginning of the day, you get clues that seem to point at someone close to you as the main culprit for a problem you had back in the day. It seems it's time to set things straight, and you'll feel not only angry, but fuming.

The rage inside you would be absolutely normal... if it weren't because you got it all wrong.

Planets' alignment warns you about a possible mistake that might make you look bad. So now you know: if you get clues that are apparently accurate, don't trust them blindly and put the blame on just anyone. Use your wits to find the real culprit.

If you suspect someone close may have harmed you, be upfront and talk it over with them. If you're still in doubt, make your own research.


Today you'll have to make a crucial choice that could decide your short-term fate. Here's the dilemma: having more money or leading a better life.

You may feel you've been working too much lately and that's stopping you from managing your family or love life the right way.

Besides, having no free time is affecting your mood, making it more bitter and somber; also, regarding your social life, your friends are growing more and more distant.

Today a tense situation will place you at a crossroads which has actually been around your head for a while, but you're trying to ignore. And you know that going on like this is only disabling your personality. Come on, Sagittariuses, give yourselves some air and start living!



On these transition days in between seasons, when the cold isn't really gone and the heat isn't coming round, it's very usual to get a cold, and that's what will happen if you don't stop it.

Even though the thermal situation is hotter and sunbeams are giving teaser announcements of summer, when night falls and until all is dark, even early in the morning, temperature may be a little low to sleep with short clothing and uncovered, or to go out without a jacket.

Today your morning will start by feeling weird; this is your body sending a warning. If you're not careful, you'll end up with a cold!