Sagittarius Daily Horoscope |



The week feels somehow strange because of your problems with love and handling feelings and emotions among your family and friends. Someone as sensitive as you could pay for it sooner or later and sink down.

Star predictions make you prone to carry out some charitable actions to fight back the negativity of the past few days.

Native Sagittariuses have a sense of ethics, as well as individual and collective responsibility, that make them special. Today's the perfect day for you to do it.

There's many things you can do: donate blood, help a friend in need, help out an organisation, participate in a charity event. Do small things to make the world a better place and help you feel more positive.


A friend has been asking for your help because they are in desperate need of financial assistance. Unfortunately, we all are living hard times and there's many who live through long periods of unemployment.

The problem is that you live such a busy life that you have no room left for more important thins, and you've forgotten about the cry for help of that old friend.

Stop your work flow today and find some time to analyse the situation. You probably can do lots to help your friend find a job and make a living with dignity.

You don't need to be the one giving them a job. You can help them in many ways: help them make an attractive CV and send it to companies, tell your friends about it and share tips on places where they can find a job.


Today's star prediction absolutely discourages you from doing physical activity or sport. You shouldn't take up any risk-taking sports either. You could have an accident and end up in hospital.

Don't be too obsessed; you shouldn't become paranoid, but try to be more careful than usual when you go up the stairs, change sides in the street or hop onto the train or bus.

Stars predict you may break a bone, hurt your joints, or even injure or pull a muscle. Today is not the best day to play around like crazy. Don't stay in bed, but don't force yourself too much.