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Sagittarius Magic Horoscope Forecast from the Stars for This Coming Thursday 31st May

Magic Horoscope for Today, Thursday
Sagittarius Daily Horoscope |



When those first weeks of sun and nice weather come around, you're more active and lively. Because of your personality, climate affects you more than others, and your season is definitely summer. That's why it's usual to see you perky and gleeful these days.

But watch out, today will be an especially complicated day. Someone around you wants to hurt you, or will do so directly or indirectly.

That means that today the stars encourage you not to mistake that liveliness and extrovertedness with candid innocence, because it makes you vulnerable to those attacks.

Watch your back and don't trust anyone outside your inner circle. Don't make any rushed decisions and analyse others' intentions.



Dear Sagittariuses, you have a shopping problem. Although at the beginning you were kind of relaxed about it, things are getting serious and could mean trouble in no time.

The problem is, you go to the supermarket without a list of the things you need, and once you're there, you take anything at eye level, and it's often things that you don't need.

Create some basic habits to save up when shopping, like making a list where you filter your priorities, and once you're there, only buy what you need the most, and decline 2-for-1 offers. Make some calculations about how much you'll have to pay, and if the number's too high, take some items off.

Just by being a little careful you'll see some results.


Haven't you noticed that lately you're very willing to buy things that are obviously fake? You're so deep into consumerism, you can't even find the difference between what's interesting and what isn't. And that's affecting your wallet... and your health!

Any miracle product is a scam. There's no medication that can heal ailments that science hasn't cured yet. The worst thing is, many of those items end up giving your body undesirable side effects.

Today you'll have some of those symptoms, or you'll be targeted to try a new hair growth or anti-aging cream. Start being a little more mature, and only trust what's scientifically proven.