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Sagittarius Magic Horoscope Prediction for This Coming Thursday 3rd May

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Your extreme cleanliness, your tremendous sense of ethics, and your commitment to causes will backfire on you today.

You're not the problem, but remember that sometimes good intentions and high positivity leave you at the mercy of betrayal and frustration.

Today someone close will show you how bitter betrayal can be. You always see life from a point of view of loyalty to others and certain ethic values, but today you'll understand that the world doesn't follow those parameters anymore.

Wake up, Sagittariuses. Don't feel down and take this new lesson home. It's not about getting rid of that good side of you; you just need to give it a different touch to protect yourself from the world.

And regarding that person, try to raise your mood. Perhaps you'll forgive that betrayal with given time, but never forget and set some boundaries.


It won't be a good day at work. You'll start your day on a bad note, and bad news in your personal life will definitely affect your shift. All you can do is keep calm, and remember that your job is important, but the most important things are still out there, in your daily life and personal relationships.

The good thing is, you'll get back on your feet from the bad days you'd been living, and which made you feel as if you were drowning.

You'll start feeling you're breathing, and that's always positive to maximise your productivity at work. Don't let money issues bring down your positivity and responsibility at work.


Stars warn about a drastic change in your pet's health, for the worse.

Even though it seems the story will end on a happy note, you need to be very careful to make sure your pet's okay.

When there's perils looming around, there's not much to prevent. So keep calm, go see an expert and let professionals do their job.

If you act quickly and calmly, your little friend will be better in a couple days.