Magic Horoscope Reveals Your Sagittarius Horoscope for Tuesday April 3rd

Health, Money and Love Prediction for Today, Tuesday
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You've been through a lot with strangers, you have many short romances behind you... But that's over, Sagittariuses.

In this new stage, you'll find that much needed inner peace. You may not be ready for love just yet.

However, this time you'll finally heal old wounds to reconnect with your inner self.

Stars won't bring anyone into your path today, nor in the next few days. It's the only way for you to focus energy to the inside. Don't be sad! It's for your own good.

It's a great time to focus your attention to your friends. This advice will also work for dating Sagittariuses.



At work you should never use verbal abuse, but today you'll need to be especially careful. A hateful client will manage to grind your gears.

Even if they are impolite, probably they are entitled to complain! But instead of listening to their complaint, you become nervous and get defensive. Did you forget you're supposed to offer solutions?

That client will demand to see your boss, and depending on how serious and how emphatic the person is about their complaint, you could even lose your job.

It would be absurd to lose your job because of something from the outside, right?

Letting yourself go with rage is never good, and you've got a sharp tongue that's hard to stop sometimes. Now that you know, be patient to face your day in the best way possible.


Be careful with public transport accidents. Moving around may not be that safe today.

For any sort of transport, adopt all safety measures needed. Get your seatbelt on in the car, your helmet on your motorbike...

Also, watch your step. You'll be falling down a lot. Also, stars are warning you to watch out for injuries... Be very, very careful.