Sagittarius Daily Horoscope |



Today's an important day for your love life, Sagittariuses, and if you seize it, it could be the start of a new stage in your life. A turning point for the rebirth of Sagittariuses to shoot for the stars in the pursuit of spiritual excellence, just like the centaur's bow and arrow.

The suffering for the separation from someone with whom you've shared so much is painful, but you need to accept it and live it. Trying to escape that is a mistake you'll pay for sooner or later.

But today you need to start with the coping process, and to base it on the acknowledgement of your past experiences and the acceptance of the end. The key today is to think positive: life optimism needs to be based on what you still need to live, and on facing new experiences without the burden of loss.


The stars predict there's a wave of positive vibrations coming to help you progress at work. Career stability will boost your confidence and improve your results. You just need to follow this track, and you'll soon get some improvements regarding your wages and job conditions.

Trusting your skills will be essential today so that you can be more efficient when facing obstacles. Don't think twice and work in a team, helping others and asking for help if you need it.

If you're unemployed and despairing about it, don't fret. Keep looking actively, because there's new chances coming in the next few days.



Long work shifts, which can go longer because of your chores at home, have ended up attacking your feet. They'll hurt today, especially around your sole, and your legs may feel the strain too.

Remember that, if you stand for hours on end, it's quite appropriate to wear comfortable, open footwear for your feet to have some room to breathe. It wouldn't be too bad if you put your feet on hot water and salts for half an hour after those long work shifts.

Regarding your legs, try to rest them for as long as you can. If you take care of this every day, you can rest assured things will get sorted out quickly.