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Magic Horoscope Brings You the Latest Sagittarius Prediction for this Coming Tuesday 24th July

Read Your Health, Money and Love Horoscope for Today, Tuesday
Sagittarius Daily Horoscope |



In your occasional flings or relationships, reject fire signs as much as you can and go for people born under earth signs.

You're at a time when you need someone to share solid project ideas, to know that you're in the right hands, to feel at ease with a steady romance. The last thing you need now is the firey drive of Arians or Leos, who will bring nothing but instability and unexpected consequences.

Regarding your mood, use the drive from your ruling planet's good vibrations these days and keep opening horizons and pathways through radical optimism.


Make the complaints you deem appropriate at work. Through your efforts, you've managed to reach a good position in the company, and your managers think highly of you. So you're entitled to asking for advantages or just sharing ideas on your disagreements.

This week could be great for you if you keep working hard and giving small details their rightful importance.

In other news, if you want chances you could explore the wide range of benefits some online platforms are giving. If you're creative, you could explore the world of vlog channels that are making many people rich.


Skin will be quite sensitive for native Sagittariuses today. Here's some recommendations from the Magic Horoscope.

Don't expose your skin to the sun for too long, and remember that it's important to use sunscreen. If you work somewhere the sun beams strong, remember to wear protective clothing.

The stars foresee there'll be a minor skin infection because of an ink-based treatment. If you're going in for a tattoo, make sure everything's proper and correct, and check that the materials to use are properly sterilised. Then, follow the experts' advice to the last bit to make the wound heal properly.