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Sagittarius Horoscope Prediction for This Coming Tuesday 31st July by Magic Horoscope

Your complete Forecast for Today, Tuesday
Sagittarius Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



Why are you hiding your bliss in love, Sagittariuses? What's so embarrassing and blush-inducing that you can't scream out loud that you're finally happy?

Things have come to a point where it's truly humiliating that you can't introduce your partner to the world, thus sharing your bliss with your loved ones.

Shake off those fears, Sagittariuses; forget people's opinions and social prejudice and realise that only by accepting this situation and living it normally will you be truly happy.

Putting love aside, today's an optimistic day for Sagittariuses; and you know, dear centaurs, that no one can beat you at being optimistic.


Your much awaited income is finally here and you're facing August with a good dose of hope and more calmness.

You've got quite relaxing weeks ahead, with little to no statements for better or worse. But it's important to stay firm and avoid letting go with impulse. Having a good month of August expense-wise will help you face sharp September more solidly.

These last days you may have slowed down at work. Sagittariuses, you're aware that summer months are more draining and boring, and you lose tension. But today there'll be lots of work and not much drive to get it done, so overcome it and increase your intensity.


Congratulations, Sagittariuses, you're in luck. Someone close to you will get positive news about their health, and you're one of the first to know.

Share your happiness with theirs and remember that it's just as important to be with your loved ones in bad times, as enjoying those happy moments to the fullest and knowing that everything's perfect.

Today is also quite a good day for Sagittariuses to pair up sport with social life. If you have friends or workmates who do sport, propose them a group sport session, which can range from running together all the way to playing football or basketball.