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Sagittarius Magic Horoscope Forecast for this Coming Tuesday 3rd July

Full Prediction for Today, Tuesday
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Today will be a doubtful day for those Sagittariuses in love and searching for a partner. Doubtful because of whether the chase after that person will be worth it. Doubtful because you don't know if they're what you're looking for.

Suddenly you start feeling the pressure when you think about a relationship with them. Will you be compatible? Doubts are starting to turn your mind upside down, so much so that you become anxious.

Calm down and cool your mind, Sagittariuses. Something to solve this could be focusing on the other person's flaws. Once you've analysed them, try to think honestly whether they are compatible with your own traits, whether you could live with someone like that. Then, make your decision.


Dear Sagittariuses, you live in a very competitive world where constant training is an extra asset for any professional profile. All competences brought together are part of your career worth, and when you're applying for a job you need to show a profile as complete as possible.

This summer you could learn a language. Languages are essential to move around the globalised world of today.

English, German and Chinese are the trendiest languages now, because they're the world's top 3 global powers. If you want to be successful, Sagittariuses, get down to work and strengthen your career profile with a powerful language.


The energy current stemming from your soul could be quite the positive source to get amazing things, to be successful today. You need to use it to turn that energy into something positive you can feel proud of.

But watch out, it's quite likely you won't know how to control all that power and it'll turn into trouble, even for your health. Not being able to dose and place all that strength on just one goal is too high a risk, because... what's the guarantee of you reaching that goal?

And what if you can't do it in the end? Frustration, pressure, nervousness... they could turn up into such hysteria, your body would be at stake. Control and measure. That's your motto for today.