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Sagittarius Magic Horoscope Prediction for This Coming Tuesday 12th June

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You'll feel that your feelings for someone are starting to darken and become confusion and regret. You're feeling very doubtful and you're hopelessly looking for answers to many questions.

It's okay to feel confused, especially if you've just started seeing someone regularly whom you don't know much about. A lack of knowledge and insecurities are an explosive mix.

Still, you need to stop doubts from becoming that compulsive feeling of being overwhelmed that doesn't let you live in peace. Relax your emotions, try to be positive and use that initial phase to know the other person better and boost your honesty.


One of your latest issues is that your job, and the concerns that come along with it, are making you a bitter, boring person. Your horoscope has encouraged you for days to liven up and break the mold.

One of the hobbies that work best for you, which you've neglected, is reading. Yes, Sagittariuses, reading allows you to boost the strongest side of your personality: abstraction, escape, leaving reality, flying away with your mind.

Retake your novels, books, any literature which makes you explore philosophy, adventures, practical knowledge and the boundaries of imagination. You'll soon start to feel you get back to your usual selves.


You're at a clearly strange, awkward stage in regards to your emotions and inner balance. You feel you're standing in the middle of a process of search, exploration and growth.

You need to challenge your fears, and some extreme sports may be liberating in that sense. You'll see how it helps you to get away from everything and empower your most daring side.

Try some extreme activity (always guaranteeing top protection, and staying cautious) to feel that adrenaline which brings out the best in you.

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