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Sagittarius Magic Horoscope for 26th June

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Today the stars align to reinforce your attractiveness, and that special person will only have eyes for you. You need a chance, just one, to attract their attention and unleash your full seductive power.

Still, the stars' influence won't be enough. You need something else. And today, esoteric waves are flowing around you at a very special intensity.

You need to cast a spell to win that person's heart over. You can ask an expert, or do it at home in a pretty simple way. There's many rituals, such as cooking bee honey with rose petals while chanting a prayer, and having that milk for breakfast every morning.



After a few days of less work, and of course a more relaxed environment, today it's time for it to skyrocket! It seems as if clients started popping up from under a rock. You could even get overwhelmed.

This is great news, Sagittariuses, because that's the engine that keeps your finances at work moving. Besides, too much time at a standstill is not good for Sagittariuses. You always want more and better, and you needed that adrenaline boost.

If you need help, ask for it; otherwise, focus and start working. You'll see time flying by when your head's busy.


With such an esoteric day around you, it would be good if you reinforced your physical strength with a magic stone. To protect yourselves, you need to choose a stone that fits your needs; there's many that could help.

Still, the Magic Horoscope recommends that today, Sagittariuses should trust quartz. As the healing stone that it is, quartz doesn't expel the person's energy, but attracts positive vibrations instead.

Because it is quite powerful, we recommend you not to carry it on you at all times; just leave it at your work desk, or somewhere in the house near where you are. You'll soon feel the effects of that gemstone.

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