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Sagittarius Forecast for Tuesday 20th March by Magic Horoscope

Astral Horoscope for Today, Tuesday
Sagittarius Daily Horoscope |



Your commitment is final and you trust you can bring this relationship into a good path. You feel optimistic about your current romance. Are you being too persistent?

You won't be lacking facilities or possessions, and of course, you love sharing what you've got with your partner. You're generous, Sagittariuses. You're not too material, but you do enjoy some comforts.

Your partner doesn't feel the same and they're definitely enjoying a life of luxury. Watch out! You're not made for fake relationships, Sagittariuses.

It's time to wait for the other person to give back. If you're economically on top, don't expect being taken out for a fancy dinner, but you should receive a nice gift, like a homemade dinner.



Blood is running through your veins, you'll encounter a newfound inspiration. Thank Jupiter, your reigning planet.

Now, it's no time to lock yourself off from the world. Share your inner world with others! Fortune comes from developing and expanding your contact network.

It's a great day to sell yourself in any way you can! Show yourself off and brag about your skills, you're in the mood. Whether you're paid or self-employed, publicity is essential to be successful.

Having a business card with your personal brand at the ready will give you a highly positive professional aura. You may give off a great impression on someone who might want to hire you.


Today you'll be able to progress much more than you thought. Your health will be great as long as you act carefully and measuring possible consequences.

Your emotions are deeply connected to your stomach today. Control how you're feeling first, and only then, you may eat if you want. Otherwise, you may fall victim to overeating.