Sagittarius Daily Horoscope
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Either you or your partner is giving more than the other, which brings a sense of inequality and imbalance. If you're the generous one, be careful and don't let your partner take advantage of this for their own profit.

On the other hand, perhaps you're closing yourself off too much and expect the other person to give their all. Love must be a perfect balance to work, think about it.

If you're alone, you need to open yourself and give it your all unconditionally. There may be people who see it and people who don't, but it's the only way to find the right kind of love.


Perhaps you're well-off and you're sharing what you have. Probably the material world is not a concern for you right now, and experience has made you generous.

You had nothing once and your expectations were bleak... Maybe there was someone to give you a hand, or maybe not, and that was what gave you a sense of promise to help those in need whenever you could. The time has come.

If you're the person who has issues to solve, today you'll find the help of others or someone special. This will help you to make do. But don't get used to having others work it out for you! Getting used to it wouldn't be healthy, because you wouldn't be progressing.

Our star advice is, if you're well-off, give to those in need with an honest heart. If you're on the other side, welcome everything with open arms, but make a promise to give back in the future.


Your health is an investment too. You've got the wrong idea and think that you shouldn't spend as much on your health as you do with food or other areas. That attitude needs to change. If you're undergoing treatment for pain or an illness, give up that stubborn point of view.

Sharing your insights with others brings you mental wellness. You're spiritually rich, and others may need that richness to find help for their problems. Since this is a two-way street, you also must receive ideas, thoughts and points of view from others.