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Sagittarius Magic Horoscope Astral Prediction for 15th May

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There's someone at work who's been looking at you and making you feel attractive, and tells you the words you want to hear. It's perfectly understandable you would become attracted to them.

Today will be a key day in the flirting game you share.

If you're Sagittariuses on a relationship, you'll probably be at a crossroads and this will make you extra anxious. You need to analyse where your relationship stands and what to expect from a possible relationship with that new person.

If you're single Sagittariuses, then it's time to stop playing the field and jump in. Stars predict you'll have a very special date with someone around you, so take that chance and give them a shot.

Whatever the case is, never forget about the risks of flirting with a colleague.


You hadn't felt like going to work like that in a while, that connection with your colleagues, that drive to perform your assigned tasks.

Today a series of good news and results will make you feel especially motivated, and the rest of your team will feel it.

At a certain point you'll realise how important it is to feel okay at work, to get up every day willing to work hard, to see your colleagues and finish off your shift feeling rewarded about what you do.

You'll realise how superficial money can be sometimes. If you'd been tempted by the idea of finding something better, get it out of your mind. Why ruin this exceptional time in your life?


Partnered life requires daily care, and intimacy is part of that attention you need to pay in order to keep your love sparks alive.

Stars warn you about certain issues related to your sex drive, which may bring trouble. Needless to say, Sagittariuses, any problem affecting your ability to satisfy your partner may end up harming your self-esteem and the relationship itself.

Go visit a doctor and get this sorted out as soon as possible. First and foremost, you need to find out if the issue is physical or psychological, and determine what the best treatment is to end that dysfunctionality.

You should remember at all times that erectile dysfunction is quite a common issue among men, and it shouldn't affect your self-esteem.