Full Sagittarius Magic Horoscope for Tuesday, 1 May

Full Forecast for Today, Tuesday
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Your relationships will be damaged today because of politics. You need to consider that opposing views in these matters generally create tensions that can turn into deep resentment.

You need to be smart. In conversations with family and friends today, try to avoid those arguments, lead the situation and introduce lighter topics to avoid going too far with words.

If the conversation gets heated, be smart. Remember that opposing viewpoints are enriching, and arguing with different opinions around is always a chance to learn from one another. Defend your opinions from others respectfully.

On the other hand, the planets bring along good connections with your elders: listen to them and learn from them, find a good situation where you can get close, talk and remember the good times.


This is a day for money spending and headaches. At the end of the month, this is usual, but for some unexpected reason you'll have to spend a bit of money. Nothing out of the ordinary, if we weren't at the end of this month's period and you're pretty tight.

Stars are putting you into a sticky situation for the month that's beginning, and this will force you to do some budget cuts and get your savings boosted up.

On the other hand, an unexpected situation will make you double your efforts at work. So you'll have to bite some bullets and work on the double to solve incoming problems and get everything sorted out efficiently.

Maybe at the end of the day you'll feel frustrated and overwhelmed: you work long hours and only make money to cover up holes. Be patient until things change.


It seems you've found a way to balance your body and mind for a few days. Don't let work stress break this bond.

As individuals open to new experiences and doing sports, you should remember how importat it is to combine your daily hustle and bustle with some sport to set your mind free.

This week will be great to discover and experience Asian disciplines, especially relaxation techniques. Going into a new exercise will help you feel more complete as you settle your spirits down.