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Sagittarius Astral Horoscope for Tuesday 22nd May by Magic Horoscope

Your Horoscope Prediction for Today, Tuesday
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Sagittariuses, today you'll feel bound and trapped in quite a challenging issue. But if you think about it, the solution is only and exclusively up to you.

The stars' prediction is a difficult situation with someone you're attracted to, but doesn't fit at all your family and friends' circles. In fact, the problem is that things have become so tense between both parties that you have to pick a side.

Today a scene right out of a tragic comedy will definitely force you to choose. It isn't a pleasant situation, but it's obvious that when two worlds are in constant collision, a grown-up needs to choose a path.

In these cases, it's always preferred to choose the people who have been there your whole life and who'll never deceive you, rather than someone you just met who isn't exactly reliable. But the last word and the ultimate power are all yours.


These are especially difficult days for your family finances. The days are going by, the end of the month is coming and your savings just keep going down.

Perhaps today you'll think about some risky and even desperate solutions which are absolutely not recommended.

If you're thinking about getting a bank loan, asking a friend or relative for money, or looking for a quick loan in untrustworthy companies, forget about it.

Dear Sagittariuses, stars have been warning you for days about a time of regression in your economy, but they don't predict any desperate situation near bankruptcy. So keep calm, be patient, don't spend too much and wait for payments to come in. It'll all be well.


Your feet's health is very important, although it seems that you no longer pay attention to that. Still, remember that they keep you standing every day, and they're forced to go through continuous effort, so it's normal that they feel the pain every now and then.

Today they'll hurt more than usual, especially the instep area, which suffers the most. Take some simple measures like using open shoes, breathable socks and, when at home or at work, keep your feet propped up and avoid putting them on the ground.

Of course, avoid long walks, and whenever you can, use your car or public transport to move around. If you've got problems in your nails, they could turn into an infection; if you've got calluses, the situation can become really troublesome. Visit your podiatrist as soon as you can.