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Full Sagittarius Magic Horoscope Prediction for Tuesday May 29th

Health, Money and Love Horoscope for Today, Tuesday
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Today you'll be more aware than ever of a feeling which awoke within you a while ago, which you've tried to deny up to now: you like your friend's boyfriend.

This can happen, Sagittariuses, and no one's to blame. What does have consequences is what we may do later, which makes us responsible.

Once more, use your coldness and wits. Analyse this situation rationally. Trying something out, making the wrong move, even going all the way with them will bring you three unsolvable issues right at the start: you'll hurt your friend, you'll make the other person frustrated, and you'll punish yourselves.

The best you can do is try to stay away from that person, avoid seeing them if you can, and let days go by. Don't feel guilty; feel proud about making the right decision.


The process of starting up and expanding a business is exciting, with much euphoria around it, and a satisfying feeling when results come in. That's how you've been feeling lately. But today you'll feel sort of different.

Today you'll be invaded by the feeling of being a castaway holding on to a plank, floating away from the shore and surrounded by hungry sharks. This is no dream, it's the feeling of competing in a field of expertise too dangerous to keep you afloat.

But the stars have good news, Sagittariuses: those sharks aren't going to eat you, for now. Your plank is much more useful than you think, and you can handle these situations properly.

What happens is, sometimes you doubt yourself and everything falls over you. Do what you've been doing up to now: swim to the shore nice and slow. The path is long and tiring, but the important thing is to reach the finish line.


You've started feeling worse and worse for days, and as time goes by things are just getting worse. It's not just that your body feels sick; even though you can feel the symptoms, you're doing nothing to solve it.

Dear Sagittariuses, you're very lively, so you need to be aware of how important our bodies are to do anything. If you want to live life to the fullest, you need to stay healthy.

So don't think twice. Start giving yourself some really good care. Today you'll get a new sign from your body. Something's not right. Go see your doctor and follow the orders all the way.