Full Sagittarius Magic Horoscope for Wednesday, 11 April

Full Forecast for Today, Wednesday
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Stars will ask you to watch out on your family ties, someone could be having a bad time. Others are partly to blame. Including you.

Are you taking for granted that they'll always be around? That's it. Still, if you always take but never give back, you create a sense of imbalance. As we grow older, this is less and less acceptable.

Do something nice from time to time for them. They're the only people who will always be there when you need them. Love them by doing nice things for people who care about you.


Saving money will be more important now than ever. It hasn't been long since you brought new expenses into your lifestyle. Separately, it may seem of little difference; but added up, it will take a toll on your finances.

These expenses will be necessary to stay up to date with your lifestyle. You love living a life of luxury. That's the price to pay. Fortunately you understand this and don't complain. Perhaps you should reconsider some services you could get rid of?

At work things are great, although there may be problems when getting your wages. Check your payroll twice instead of not caring like you always do. It won't be a minor mistake.

Out-of-work Sagittariuses will take a while in finding a job, but when it comes they'll be ready to take on any challenge.


Don't abuse everything that gets you away from reality. Getting away is fine. But drawing back too much makes you lose sight of your goals. That brings the exact opposite: living an anxious life.

Avoid negative emotions by working on what brings wellness to your life instead of using methods that could harm your health. Go get the job you want, create loving relationships, do nice things for those around you.

Being in control is the only way to feel free, and freedom is one of your most precious treasures, Sagittariuses. Never forget. You won't lose optimism, the source of your incredible liveliness.