Full Horoscope for Sagittarius for This Coming Wednesday 4th April by Magic Horoscope

Astral Prediction for Today, Wednesday
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Do you suspect your partner? Today you'll have serious reasons for it. Your sharp arrow usually hits the darkest of truths.

But you won't have to be too sharp, they have reached the point of not even making up excuses to disappear. They just leave.

How long will you let this slide? After this, you need to set them right, Sagittariuses. It's unacceptable that they disrespect you like that.

If you think the situation's dangerous because of its possible consequences, leave that person with no warning.

You'll find unconditional support in friends and family. Don't think it twice, people who really love you won't let you fall.



If you feel something's good for your career and you don't do it out of fear, you'll be defeated. Time itself won't get things moving.

Risks will be minimal as long as you've calculated every possibility. Still, you can't predict everything. Stars assure you that, if you're cautious, it'll all be okay.

Make investments with financial back-up behind you. Betting your luck on speculation would be crazy.

Unemployed Sagittariuses are lucky. If you try something new to find a job today, you've got great chances of victory bells ringing for you.

You could try to advertise yourself on the newspaper or send CVs somewhere you hadn't thought of.


If you notice your tongue is getting a bitter flavour and your digestions are becoming heavier, you may be going through a chronic stomach acid reflux.

As a first measure, avoid strong coffees from now on. They increase stomach fluid acidity. Fats and oils could also stop you from getting better.

Some acidity-reducing foods that you can eat, like cereal or pasta, will help your stomach get into its regular activity.