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Sagittarius Horoscope Prediction for This Coming Wednesday 11th July by Magic Horoscope

Your complete Forecast for Today, Wednesday
Sagittarius Daily Horoscope |



You're at a very interesting time in your life; you've managed to leave aside bad vibrations and started making some room for positive thoughts. This brings some extra confidence, good luck and happiness into your life.

Today you'll see all of this coming true in the form of a beautiful, wonderful event. Today you'll find out dreams can actually come true, Sagittariuses. You just need to believe strongly enough in them and to chase them relentlessly.

Enjoy your dream come true and keep on dreaming, because now you know that anything you dream and put your mind into can come true. Congratulations, Sagittariuses.


Some good news at work will enlighten your day. Today your ruling planet will bring you so much positivity, no one and nothing can bring you down.

Your willpower becomes a steely fortress that can take on the world, and when you get the news, you'll just strengthen that self-confidence that keeps making you stronger every day.

Keep going, and you'll see your results at work just keep improving. Stay humble and focused on every single thing you do. Don't let your guard down now.


If there's any sort of surgery or operation you need to undergo, don't let it slide any longer and don't be scared; it's time to get it off of yourselves.

In other news, the stars predict there's some minor spine pains that could bring you trouble. But in your current state of grace, happiness will come on top of everything and there won't be any pain that can take you down or make you feel weak.

In fact, today you'll see how much your mind rules over your physical state, and you'll also see how important it is to stay cheered up to feel good physically.