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Sagittarius Forecast for Wednesday 18th July by Magic Horoscope

Astral Horoscope for Today, Wednesday
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Even if you unconsciously try to forgive everything to stop the wounds from bleeding, there's some things you just can't overlook. Be honest to yourselves, Sagittariuses, and admit that there's no turning back.

Whether this has happened with a friend or a partner, leaving will be the best choice. It's tough, but it's also a mature decision that will save you from trouble in the long run.

There's a period of change in your emotional and love life. The stars encourage you to remodel your life in the least traumatic way possible. The bottom line is, try to get surrounded only by people who give you positive vibrations, and to get away from toxic individuals, no matter how painful the separation may be.


It's time to be smart and keep your goals safe, Sagittariuses; it was quite hard to find this job, so you need to fight to the end for it.

So far you've been working with incredible discipline and efficiency, and that's your best asset. Just keep going this way and don't let others change your mind.

If there's dissension at work, get away from it. This is no time to take sides in useless arguments that will do nothing but risk your position. Be smart and don't take anyone's side, don't trust others and try to do what's best for you and the company. That's the only way to get stability.


Your love and emotional life issues are storing bad vibrations within your body. It would be quite a smart move to devote a section of your busy day to get a deep cleanse.

There's quite simple ways of losing bad vibrations, such as taking off your shoes and finding a sacred nook in your home, like a small altar with candles, or a flowered area of your garden. Breathing and repeating some mantras will bring you to a relaxed state where your soul elevates and your bad vibrations will seep through your feet.

Another efficient method is to get purifying baths. Fill your bathtub with warm water and pour some salt and seven dashes of white vinegar. Salt is a natural purifying agent, and vinegar brings acidity into your body to get rid of bad vibrations.