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Magic Horoscope Brings You the Latest Sagittarius Prediction for this Coming Wednesday 4th July

Read Your Health, Money and Love Horoscope for Today, Wednesday
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Your Sagittarian soul, always trying to go beyond and longing for that freedom, that desire of flying free, ends up affecting your relationship. That's because you make your partner lose their trust, and live with the constant fear of you giving up at some point and starting your lonesome free life.

Still, Sagittariuses, even if you allow yourselves to dream about a life beyond your emotional ties, this relationship gives you many positive things you're not willing to give up.

To improve your partnered life and put your significant other at ease, you should explicitly show them you're mature enough to offer them some steadiness.


Maybe you haven't agreed much with the decisions made at work lately, you're at conflict with one or more fellow employees, or perhaps you just can't take your boss' absurd demands any longer. This has led you to make a final choice: resign and look for something better.

If that's something that can't change, the stars encourage you to at least leave on a high note. If you can swallow your pride and end your days at the company on a good mood, you could get a recommendation letter to find a good job in the same field of expertise.

Besides, you never know where you can end up. Life takes many twists and turns, and who knows? Perhaps you'll come back to the same place. Forget about issues and leave with dignity.


Like every other human out there, you're not perfect, Sagittariuses, and even though you lead a pretty decent life, it's okay to fall prey to temptation one day or another. Today your mind and body will feel a strong appeal towards sweets, desserts and alcoholic drinks.

You need to find a balance of not being even able to look at a cupcake or having a glass of beer, and the excess of bingeing on these temptations. If you can find a middle ground to enjoy forbidden pleasures on the right measure, then you'll have found a way.

Today you can afford a treat, always keeping things under control and without letting that treat overpower you.