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Sagittarius Magic Horoscope Forecast from the Stars for This Coming Wednesday 20th June

Magic Horoscope for Today, Wednesday
Sagittarius Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



Dear Sagittariuses, sometimes dating life can be so despairing and it makes you so exhausted, you end up thinking whether it makes sense to go on. Today's horoscope prediction says there'll be extreme exhaustion about that, but it also predicts your life in a relationship will be long.

So take it easy. Today's problem is, you'll feel in a prison, a sensation that isn't too new. Your partner controls you so much you feel you've lost all autonomy.

You need to work together to improve this, commit to give in to each other more so that there's no interest clash later. That's what living in a relationship is about, so break out from prison and start living.


Today it is predicted that there'll be a protest from the employees of the company where you work because of some concerns related to wages. This is one of those times when you feel really awkward because you don't know which side to take.

Still, no one can sympathise with social causes as much as you, so right now you have the duty of supporting your workmates. Come to think of it, their demand for improvement in the job conditions is logical.

Therefore, you need to support strikes if there were any, and join their demands. Don't be afraid about losing your job. Job rights guarantee your right to strike and syndicates, and the stars see your position will go on for quite a while within the company.


Today you'll wake up with a sore throat, the feeling of wanting to cough all the time. If you examine your throat on the mirror, you'll see it's a bit red and swollen, but there's no white patches, so it isn't serious.

A cold is starting to brew, and that's why your throat hurts. Since it isn't tonsillitis or a bacteria-based illness, you shouldn't worry. You won't need any antibiotics now, but you need to take care so that it doesn't get worse.

It's very advisable to drink lemon water and have lidocaine pills to make the pain and burn disappear. It's also important that you eat well and drink lots of water so that your body doesn't grow weak.