Sagittarius Daily Horoscope
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A hard day for your feelings and emotions, Sagittariuses. Today your horoscope predicts there'll be tears and pain linked to the loss of someone you like, for whom you've felt increasing affection.

Although you may sometimes think you're over these things, that feelings aren't your forté and that nothing can hurt you, sometimes there's occasions when life shows its real face, and you need to take it on.

Getting rid of someone you're in love with, but who doesn't benefit you in the least is painful, but you need to be mature enough to make that drastic choice.

Be positive, Sagittariuses. Use your abstraction skills to see beyond today's issue: as days go by you'll find you've made the smartest decision, and you'll be able to start anew.


It's increasingly clear that your job is stopping you from developing your creative side which makes you who you are.

You've realised that you're not one to stay still behind a desk in an office, and that's affecting your mood. You need to find change.

In this day and age, you're well aware that the hardest thing is to find balance between survival resources and the satisfaction of doing what you like.

Today you need to think about your life goals and make a drastic decision. If you're brave and choose the path of personal satisfaction to do what actually fills your needs, you may lead a poorer life for a while, but in the end you'll reap the rewards.


Your emotions will be running high, so be very careful about your mood and try to boost your positivity to stop feeling so nervous.

Being nervous is okay, we all live to the fullest and can experience stressful times, but sometimes we don't realise that this nervousness, if taken to excess, can bring negative consequences for our bodies.

This will make you lose some sleep. If you live too intensely and don't rest well enough, there may be times when you feel unable to move on, or you could even faint. Get hydrated and eat healthily.