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Sagittarius Magical Horoscope Prediction for This Coming Monday 12th February

Check Your Horoscope for Today, Monday 12th February
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Stars have prepared a special meeting with a foreigner. It may be a language exchange, or you'll come to notice another side in a classmate in your foreign language class. Or perhaps a stranger will come asking for directions.

Don't let unexpected surprises get you off balance. The ground under your feet may start crumbling because you like that person and you may already be in a relationship. Things can take such an unexpected turn.

Native Sagittarius tend to find connections and try to make bonds with foreigners. It's their own way of meeting new cultures first-hand.


Recently you may have come to realize that there's no fixed guarantees in life, and sometimes, no matter how much time or effort you invest into something, it may not turn into something real for whatever reason. This is a tough lesson you need to learn.

Getting what you want takes more than your own blood, sweat and tears; if it isn't backed up by a strong sense of opportunity, it's not happening.

You should question the nature of challenges and the disappointment of hard hits; this will help you to increase your awareness of the changing nature of life.



Even if you're slim, your muscles have lost some of their tone. Thinness doesn't have to be the proof of good health, especially so if you don't have a healthy diet.

Going weightlifting at the gym will help you greatly with your future muscle weakness issues.

Sagittarius is a sign prone to bone problems. The only way you can strengthen them is through physical exercise and a calcium-based diet. You would do pretty well with some addditional training.

Complete your diet with milk, yoghurt and almonds, which are full of the calcium your bones desperately need.

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