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The Monday January 22nd Sagittarius Stars Prediction

Sagittarius: Your Star Sign Revelations
Sagittarius daily horoscope |




You still suspect that your partner is not faith to you, and this suspicion doesn’t let you rest. You don’t expect that person to speak their mind to you, and you can’t help feeling that maybe you could do a bit more within the relationship. Just give them some time and space to think. 

Today you’ll have a conversation with a friend which will purify your soul although there was a friendship about to be broken. You’ll find out that you and this person are soul sisters and you’ll share your interests and worries. It’s been a very long time since a friend didn’t provide you with moments like these. 



There are people who don’t know how to protest against anything unfair. You seem smaller than others because you’ve never known how to assert yourself. If you don’t want this situation at work to become unbearable, come up with Sagittarius’ arch. 

Although economy isn’t a problem for you, (at least so far) because you have always tried to save money. Don’t be stupid and afford that TV which perfectly suits in your living-room. In the end, you’ve worked so much that you shouldn’t deprive of things you desire. 



Health also consists of feeling happy when we look at ourselves in the mirror. You did well changing residence and it’s making a more attractive person out of you. 

Also, don’t let your little health problems ruin your routine. We all suffer temporary illnesses. Stars are not smiling at you, but the worst you can do is complaining all day long because you feel pain in a part of your body.