Sagittarius Daily Horoscope
Sagittarius Daily Horoscope |


Your partner's been acting strange lately. They suddenly do a lot of overtime at work or they seem to be glued to their phone all the time. How much longer can you keep your eyes shut? Reality is hard to take, but all good things must come to an end. You just have to accept it and take it in well.  

Look on the bright side, now you really know what you expect on a romantic partner. Someone who will walk along at your pace and remain naturally faithful.

Even after experiencing this bad situation, and with the infamous saying of «a hand washes another hand», giving in to temporary flirts can easily go wrong. Take care of your emotions.


Your upcoming financial boost thanks to a harmony between Saturn and Jupiter will not come along immediately. You're slowly, but surely, growing.

As your self-confidence goes up, you're starting to take on incoming challenges. There's great chances of receiving some extra income at work, as an acknowledgement of your commitment to what you defend and do.

These are hard times where you don't feel much appreciated in other areas of life, but you can find shelter at work. Your inner strength is essential to reach for new heights and find success at work.


Don't be surprised if you get a small cut today. Mentally, you're in a shattered, nervous state. This is the way our mind expresses the tension and stiffness in our bodies. Try to stay away from any blunt or sharp objects around the house to avoid harming yourself in any other way.