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Saturday February 3rd Sagittarius Stars Prediction

Sagittarius: Your Star Sign Revelations
Sagittarius Daily Horoscope |


As the weekend begins, you immediately want to carry out that plan you were thinking of to make your partner fall completely in love with you. Maybe things don't work straight away, and you might have to wait for a while before they realize what's going on. Give them time!

Like the Sagittarius you are, you're a great hunter or huntress who attacks their prey when it least expects it. That won't work this weekend, because you're too well-known. You're still single, but you need to start being honest if you want to find a life partner.


The week is coming to an end, and you feel there's nothing left to do. Find a hobby for your free time, or you may go shopping and spend money on things you don't really need. Temptation will be very close to you! The stars are in your favour if you decide to pull off your most creative side, which will defeat your logical mind for once.

At work, you're feeling desperate because criticism just keeps pouring in and you think you can't block it away. Keep working hard and your rewards will come sooner or later. In other news, think about a different way to finish your tasks, some new method that will make you soar to new heights and allows you to be highly praised by your workmates.


Muscle pains will keep going this weekend, but you shouldn't worry too much about that now. You've got all odds in your favour to start getting a healthier lifestyle, so don't give up just yet.

Toxic people have finally left your life and you can feel you're becoming more energetic. You laugh more than usual and you can't even imagine how good that is for your body. A good dose of laughter is a better healing sign than any medicine.