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Sagittarius Magical Horoscope Astral Prediction for 4th February

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Your love life is both unstable and unpredictable, because you live your single life to the fullest. You let yourself be loved at any time, and you jump in for a flirt whenever you see someone you like, without worrying about anything else.

Be mindful of your target if you don't want to bring trouble to others. When you're in a relationship, you enjoy being respected and you leave spice and everything nice for those intimate times with your partner, so why don't you do the same with other people's romantic endeavours? Don't take that person to the limit based on a whim, sometimes things are fine just the way they are.


Taking a misunderstood concept into reality may have disastrous consequences. If you're thinking about taking up an activity to spend your time wisely instead of splashing the cash at the mall, it doesn't make sense to invest so much money into that activity.

If, for instance, you decide to get back to your reading hobby, you don't have to buy a bookcase or the latest bestsellers. It's obvious that with this attitude, all you're doing is proving that you don't really think about how you spend money, or whether you spend it wisely. If you go down this path, you're going to have to cut your budget to an extreme this month.


The world of allergies is unpredictable, because there's times that it looks like our body will get new allergies overnight. Today, a rash could ruin all your plans.

If you start feeling itchy anywhere in your body, you see redness around or you feel your skin's getting irritated, you'll have to go straight into the emergency room. The reasons for these types of rash are many and varied, so the first thing to do is find out where they started, because that will influence the treatment you get. With things going like this, you'll have to stay very alert to everything you do.