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The Sunday January 21st Sagittarius Stars Prediction

Sagittarius: Your Star Sign Revelations

Sagittarius: Your Star Sign Revelations |



Sagittarius is gentle and affectionate in love, but it shouldn't be forgotten that intuition is almost always right. That's why you should stay alert this weekend in case there's something going on behind your back. Have a serious yet non-confrontational conversation with your partner, and you'll see there's something they didn't tell you.

One of your friends is slowly getting distant, so watch out for that. Maybe they said something you didn't really like, but we need to learn how to tolerate other people's hardships. Good times will overcome bad ones.


Your finances are pretty steady and and that allows you to pay attention to other parts of your life, maybe even start up a project you'd left to the side. Plan your steps well so that it all runs smoothly. In any case, it's not the right time to break the bank, so don't invest more than you need.

There may be a casual encounter with a workmate outside the office. Take that chance to have a conversation about your expectations and see if your company's doing things the right way.


The new learning or activities you're taking up have very positive consequences for your health; not only because your muscles and endurance are improving, but because they're bringing that much needed mind break. Keep going with your routine for a perfect sync between body and soul.

Pay no mind to those little problems in your joints. They're the result of your hard work with exercise, and they'll fade off as time goes by. In any case, you're on the right track, even with your diet, and that's something that shouldn't change. Congratulations on your progress.

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