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Thursday February 1st Sagittarius Stars Prediction

Sagittarius: Your Star Sign Revelations
Sagittarius Daily Horoscope |


No means no, and that seems hard to admit if it's you who is trying to say it. When you're single and you're interested in a possible romantic partner, you think that pleasing someone and doing whatever they want to do is the best way to win them over, but you couldn't be any more wrong.

You're afraid of them not getting interested in you because you don't do what they want, and it's hard for you to realize what you're doing when you act like that. But in any other situation in life, you're a completely different person. Why don't you try to behave that way when you're in love?


You've always had some sort of constant frustration that stops you from moving on. You want to do more and more, but you can't reach new heights. When taking a step further, you make yourself smaller and don't show what you're made of; it's as if you were scared of doing better than others.

In fact, sometimes you've even rejected opportunities that would have brought you nothing but benefits. It looks like you're not ready to take success, or maybe you just don't want to.

You can go on playing the victim of a situation which only you created. Learning to really appreciate the things we have is a virtue that not everybody can brag about.


Setting a lot of effort or dedication into sport isn't something that you need to do. Unless you're a professional athlete, you don't have to force yourself as much as you did yesterday; this is not about reaching the ultimate limit of our possibilities.

If we start developing a habit, we get the feeling that we need to do whatever activity we're taking up, but we shouldn't ever go to excess. Don't be surprised or complain about those sore muscles you're feeling today, which don't allow you to move at all. You brought this upon yourself.

Straining yourself too much has these consequences, and you should actually be thankful you didn't get an injury. Try having a glass of sugary water to ease the pain, it is generally thought to work really well.

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