Sagittarius Daily Horoscope
Sagittarius Daily Horoscope |



You'll encounter some emotional tension because you're dying to set things straight with your partner. Why? Because of all those little things that you thought were adorable when you started... tardiness, mess, among others. Your partner is no fortune teller who can foresee everything that annoys you, no matter how long you've been together. Go ahead and express your concerns honestly. You'll receive a truthful promise of change.

Today, your parents will ask you for a favour you shouldn't refuse. Take this chance to get away from the 'drama' in your relationship, and focus your energies in offering help to your parents.





Don't go too far at work doing favours for your workmates. Don't they get paid the same than you do? It's okay to help out, but they've assumed it's the usual thing and they're constantly looking for you to solve their issues, when you've got some of your own. You even sometimes do overtime because of this. Get your wild side out like the Sagittarius you are and set some boundaries.

You should consider finding a new job, set your skills ready to go to face a new challenge that will inspire you. You're a changing sign, so you'll manage to adapt to any new circumstances.


Avoid any miracle healing products you can buy through the Internet (they're suspiciously cheaper than those at the chemist's) and the humbug of sects who act as self-help groups in disguise. Both are dangerous to your physical and mental wellness. And you feel prone to getting into both because of your concerns.

You can always get some well-built opinion from different quality sources, before jumping in for alternative medical treatments and ignorant cults.