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The Thursday January 25th Sagittarius Stars Prediction

Sagittarius: Your Star Sign Revelations

 Sagittarius: Your Star Sign Revelations |



You found a change in your body or a brand new outfit. Something that makes you feel good about your body which brings you a sense of self-confidence. Others will notice this change and ask you if you've been taking care of yourself lately, because when we look good others think we look good.

Even so, don't get hooked with just anyone, because you're about to bump into someone who could really hurt you. Before you let yourself become overrun by passion, you need to meet someone or discuss details from the past. Don't forget. There's something hidden away from you.


You've had a very interesting collab, and now it seems that your parallel project is starting to shape up and become more interesting. But there's a catch: it steals time from you and you've got too many deadlines. You need to take risks and take the plunge if you think that you'd be happier with a new job doing something you're great at.

Thursday could bring important financial news. You bumped into someone on Wednesday and now it's time to set things straight. Maybe that person is quite close to your family environment, so treat this issue with utmost care.


Thursdays are always hard, but the weekend isn't that far off. Besides, you've reached your health peak and things aren't going wrong for now, unless there's an ascendance anomaly in your sign.

The full-body pain you've been feeling come from the slight fever peak from Wednesday. Your health doesn't seem to be going much worse, but pay attention to your body signs and try to release toxins by drinking lots of water.