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Sagittarius Magical Horoscope Forecast for this Coming Tuesday 13th February

Full Prediction for Today, Tuesday 13th February
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Sagittarius, today you're feeling philosophical. Tomorrow, on February 14th, Cupid will be shooting his love arrows. However, you'll feel like shooting wisdom arrows today.

How can you know whether you're loving someone the right way? A sign of this is that your partner says they're happy with you, although that's obvious.

What you're looking for is signs from the outside... And the stars will give you a revelation: make people inspire you to do your best.

,Es esta capacidad de reflexión la que te permite alcanzar mayor entendimiento en tus relaciones personales, tanto con tu pareja como en tus relaciones de amistad.


Sagittarius, today you're feeling like spending lots of money. You want the most expensive present, because your partner deserves only the best. A big box of chocolates, perhaps?

Fortunately you've put some money away to get it, so you're splashing the cash quite happily. Don't forget to ask for the receipt if you're going shopping for clothes.

If you need the money, don't worry or despair at all, because stars will give you chances to get a loan at some point.



You've woken up feeling like your throat is sore. You can feel this is not just a regular flu or cold. Get an appointment with your doctor.

Your immune system becomes stronger when you get out the house and go do some sport or exercise. This proves difficult, because we're quite early in the week. However, getting some energy through doing sport will make you feel quite lively. Go for it with a friend or perhaps with your partner, and that way it won't be as hard to complete as if you were going on your own.

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