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Sagittarius Magical Horoscope for 6th February

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Your romantic endeavours aim for the heart, like a bow and arrow. Sagittarius, it seems harmony is coming into your life, thanks to the harmonious vibration of number 6. Your partner has a peacemaker's attitude and you honestly don't feel like arguing. You're happy and thankful you have each other.

Having said this, don't be too trusting and don't be tempted by complacence. Work on that fire within and share it with your partner to avoid losing yourself in bed. And if you get lost, let that be because passion has found you in the middle of nowhere, or surrounded by beautiful nature.


It seems that today's your lucky day! You'll get back some money you thought you'd lost. It may be a long-forgotten scholarship that you requested a while ago, the refund from some concert tickets, or a loan you made to a friend that you weren't counting on getting back...

The thing is, even if you weren't expecting it, keep your head cool. You may need it quite soon. Don't think that this extra help comes from some sort of whim... It is advisable for you to save up some money, just in case of an emergency that may arise.


This is definitely one of the coldest times of year. And since you love taking up activities on the great outdoors, if you keep going at this pace you'll suffer the consequences. You may be overpowered by a cold, a flu or even a fever. Sagittarius, just because you make some plans to stay at home, it doesn't mean the world is coming to an end!

Avoid an excess of self-medication with over-the-counter products, like aspirin and any other meds we can find in any bathroom cabinet. You're prone to developing a certain degree of dependence on these external 'helpers', which stops your body from developing its own immunity barriers against illnesses.