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The Tuesday January 23rd Sagittarius Stars Prediction

Sagittarius: Your Star Sign Revelations

 Sagittarius: Your Star Sign Revelations | 


There's certain dreams that can become true living nightmares upon waking up. That's what's going on when your partner tells you they don't love you anymore, that they no longer want to be with you or that they're choosing to get away with someone else. No matter how hard you try to stop it, it's quite likely for them to leave you for a few days to see what's really going on around them.

Having this type of dreams is actually more common than you think, especially with insecure people. Because having this type of dreams is just a manifestation of your mind of how scared you actually are of losing your partner.


Don't be afraid of showing off your professional worth. You're more knowledgeable than the rest of your team and yet, you're in a position that's lower than you should be on.

If there's something that bugs you, that's for someone to come teach you something you've learnt and know very well, and to top it off, for them to try to teach you a lesson. This is what happens when you don't fight for respect and you know that place very well, because you've been there quite a few times.

Don't let anyone make you feel like you're nothing: it's just a strategy from certain kinds of people who pretend to be something they're not.


The image we send off to others is highly important. Now that you start to experience the consequences of your new lifestyle, you'll feel more excited about getting a makeover. Today you'll be more than ready to get to work but you won't know where to start.

The best thing will be for you to be aware of what you don't like about yourself and find a way to improve. For the time being, you can start by setting up a face cleansing routine which will bring you to show the best side of yourself. Washing off your face in the morning and at night and applying some moisturizing cream for your specific skin type is a good starting point.

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