Sagittarius Daily Horoscope
Sagittarius Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


The day for passionate love is here. Things couldn't get any better for you two love doves.

You shouldn't forget about the small things to make today the perfect day.

Our single Sagittarius friends are in for a treat. If you're halfway through making a match, today's your lucky day.

Also, it's a great day to start a relationship, it'll be an anniversary that's hard to forget! That's good for you, Sagittarius, because you can be a bit clueless sometimes.

Today good luck's on your side, and all you need to do is welcome it with open arms.

Remember that sharing your happiness with other people helps to bring even more happiness into your life.


Show your happiness at work and don't let others poison you with their misery. You'll only receive negative ideas if you let your mind do so.

The idea is simple: reinforce your bonds with those workmates that make you feel good and avoid hanging around those negative souls for too long. But always remember to be polite to everyone.

Be confident when taking up challenges. Don't be afraid about overdoing it at work. Boundaries can always be pushed with just a little extra work.

Always do as much as you can


You'll need to work hard and perform well today. Get some vitamin supplements to gain some strengths, like vitamin B. Don't abuse your intake, or they will work the other way round and your body won't absorb it properly.

Ginseng is the star of East-inspired drinks because of its high energetic value, which improves both your physical and mental strength.

Eat fruit, vegetables, granola and cereal as your main choice to obtain more energy through quality foods.