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Sagittarius Magical Horoscope Prediction from the Stars for this Coming Wednesday

Find out Your Sagittarius Horoscope for Today, 7th February
Sagittarius Daily Horoscope | 


You feel bad about letting go a possible soulmate. It was a time when you weren't aware that disorientation and confusion were king and queen... Now you seem to be more focused on what you want, but you can't help missing the person you had but let go.

Stars are testing you; do a thorough reflection on why you broke up and admit the past instead of idealizing something that isn't coming back. Sagittarius, you're walking a one-way path, and that path should always move forward. As time goes by, you'll find out that by loving someone truly, you're loving everyone.


You'll get occasional paid projects. You may have a steady job but don't turn this chance down. Gather your strength! Helping those people who allow you to get involved in their projects could eventually lead to a steady job where you earn much more money. So now you know: the time to be lazing around comfortably, whether it be the office chair or a sofa, is now over.

Avoid gambling, it will only bring money loss your way. Planets don't seem to point at good luck for you, so you should offer your help and service to others instead.


No matter how much you brag about your "organized chaos" and knowing where everything is at home -for example, your socks hanging around on a flower pot-, you need to set some order into your living spaces to clear off your mind. Do it in a simple way. Or even better, perhaps you should get rid of what you don't use. Enjoying a good health means the world to you, because it allows you to open to the world with a youthful spirit. Put your environment and ideas in order to reach a higher energy level. It won't take you much effort to put this into action.