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The Wednesday January 24th Sagittarius Stars Prediction

Your full star prediction on health, money and love

 Sagittarius: Your Star Sign Revelations |



You've never been one for stereotypes, it's not something that you trust or like to share. You don't let others' opinions change your mindset and you always want what's best for you, no matter what people say.

Today you'll be looking for an open relationship which, although it may not exactly be socially expected or widely accepted, will be more satisfactory for you.

It isn't just about walking hand in hand, a family luncheon on Sundays and moving from home to work back and forth. You need more than that, and maybe your path today will lead to someone who shares your concerns and interests.


You'll get a chance to earn some extra benefits by the end of the month which will be wonderful for you. Of course, that will come in the shape of a new job or a new assigned responsibility.

A one-time collab, even if not scheduled, may be more than enough to let you get a bit loose money-wise. If you do it well, there's great chances of it going on for the long run.

Pay attention to signs around you and, as the morning goes by, remember this chance will come from a relative, a friend or a workmate. Don't be shy and bring up the topic into light.


You start seeing things under a new light on Wednesdays. Even if you think it's a day in the middle of nowhere, that's when you're full of energy to the brim and you're more efficient.

Today you may be surprised by an unexpected, yet unpleasant situation: you're feverish and your worst nightmares have come alive. You'll have to take extra lengths to go to work, but in the afternoon you should go to the doctor and, if needed, ask for a few days off.