Sagittarius monthly horoscope for December 2019. | Magic Horoscope

Love: Great transformations

This monthly prediction for December predicts great transformations for the love life of Sagittarius. The first week of this month will be very positive and sexuality will be the protagonist of this December.

However, the second week will be affected by jealousy and complications, there will be lots of misunderstandings. You will have to make an effort if you want to turn these negative situations into something constructive. Your experience will be crucial to help you react wisely.

If you’re single, this will be a month full of contrast. You will start with a lot of energy and will to seduce, but as the days go by this drive will fade. Fortunately, you will get your confidence back by the end of the month.

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Money: Abundance flows easily

The prediction regarding the economy of Sagittarius this month talks about investments. There will be great expenses too, but they won’t affect your overall economy as you have been blessed by Fortuna.

This month you will use your intelligence and your creativity at work. Your vision for the future will be really useful during the second and third weeks of December. This, together with some favourable deals, will help you keep advancing in your business.

If you’re an entrepreneur, your success will depend completely on the effort you make and your decisions, in addition to favourable agreements that will help you progress in your field.

Health: A lot of stress

This month you won’t have many physical problems, but you will experience considerable doses of stress. Your worries are taking their toll on your health.

This month your emotions will depend on your ability to manage your emotions. If you get to calm down and control your thoughts, you will be able to avoid feeling drained by this anxiety. Your health is at stake.

The Magic Horoscope suggests you take your time and switch off whenever you need it so that you can deal with all the challenges you’re about to face this month.