Sagittarius Magic Horoscope Prediction for February

Your Horoscope for February 2019
Magic Horoscope monthly 2019 - SAGITTARIUS |


Love: A hot passion month

February begins with a lot of power for Sagittarius, because of the preeminence of Saturn in the constellation and the detachment of an enormous magnetism that you will have to use with intelligence. During the first days you will have the most lucid and awake mind, you will be receptive to new influences and you will have the opportunity to grow.

New possibilities open up for single Sagittarius, who especially on day 4 give off attraction. For centaurs in pairs are days to reinforce the commitment.

Astral transitions take you to a progressive state of reflection and revision of the past that induces you to a more melancholic mood. It's time to deal with your ghosts, make peace with people you love and get back on moving.

Halfway through the month, that reflective sense of life leads you to sort out your social relationships and improve your bond with the people you love the most. The stars give you optimism and vitality to face the last part of the month, in which you will feel ardent and passionate, with an irresistible need to love and be loved.

The astral disposition announces a few last days of fullness and happiness in which after a long time you feel you have achieved a balance in your life. You will also feel a position of pre-eminence and leadership over others.


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Money: Fortune attraction and job instability

In the workplace, the month of February is evidence of your accommodation in a space where you cannot develop your skills or feel satisfied. Look for the motivation to give your best, try to support yourself in your colleagues and, in the first week of the month, think about looking for a better job.

Those first days are also marked in red for Sagittarius with a temporary job, as the stars warn of the shadow of the dismissal. On February 21, the stars predict the arrival of new and hopeful calls for the unemployed Sagittarius.

As for finances, the month begins with good fortune in the game but the need for you to keep your feet on the ground. Be careful with Matchday 6, there may be adverse situations for your economy. On Day 8 you will attract money like a magnet.

The 15th of February will be an important date, because you receive a revelation that can help you to put all your talent in execution, but also in the equator of the month you have to try to contemporize and rationalize the economic growth so as not to fall into the excess. The last part of February you will begin to feel the weight of some debts.

Health: Transition toward harmony

Keep your mood high, live a healthy and active life, and eat fruit juices so that this beginning of February your health does not suffer: the astral transitions place you in an area of little comfort. A particularly hectic beginning of the month forces you to take your health seriously, and the consequences of stress and the lowering of your defense.

Anxiety crises can take you to the equator of the first week to consider reducing the volume of work and take life more calmly. Headaches and heart problems will disappear, and you'll have to deal with muscle aches and depression.

February 17 will be a day of inflection in which you will feel radiant and full of energy. It opens a space to improve some aspects such as diet and stress, and to take care of your image a little more. Small health problems are also important and you can dedicate yourself to solving them in the last days of February.

The Sagittarius enter the month of March with the moon in Scorpio, which introduces them into a new stage of vitality and optimism very favorable for physical activity.