Magic Horoscope monthly Sagittarius |


Love: Emotions control you

March comes with a marvelous revelation, a halo of light that ignites your spirit to find new and exciting ways in life. Start the month taking advantage of the influence of important people around you and your loneliness as a wonderful treasure to know you better.

The Moon in Scorpio and the influence of Venus offer an emotionally convulsed beginning of the month. Control your emotions to channel them in the right direction and avoid arguments, jealousy and hatred. You also have to change your attitude towards yourself, to be more tolerant with your faults and your mistakes. 

As far as love is concerned, this month of March distrust fleeting loves and passionate relationships, and surrender to the slow and patient infatuation that demands effort and knowledge. A designated date will be March 9: the day of the return of love facilitated by Mars.

At the equator of the month, your magnetism soars and you awaken attraction in others. In the final stretch, the being of Sagittarius is dominated by the emotional side and logic loses strength. You will be subjected to pressure from your partner and the negative vortex of your environment.

March is a complicated month for single Sagittarius, but from the 25th a week of hope is opened.

Money: Learn from your mistakes

This March, those Sagittarius who find themselves in an advantageous situation of having a job will learn a very valuable lesson: learn from your mistakes. It's up to you to take advantage of it to grow, or to use it to lament and lock yourself into victimism that can only lead to something worse.

In fact, the first days will be one of the most promising for the Centaurs, especially with a perfect day on March 6 that invites optimism: personal projects and tasks at work progress faster than you expected. 

But from 7 onwards, things go wrong. You will experience anguishing days in your work, and the brawls of the bosses, mistakes and setbacks leave you on the tightrope and make you doubt your own abilities. In any other sign, that would be synonymous with fall, failure and disaster.

In Sagittarius, however, it becomes an incentive to improve. During the following days you will feel the impulse of improvement, and from a constructive spirit and a positive mind, you will do everything possible to show that you are worth your work and that you can improve.

In the second fortnight of March you will find tranquillity, the waters will return to their regular course and, outside the working environment, the economy of Sagittarius will experience an improvement that demands stability.

Health: Relieve your legs pain

The health trend for Sagittarius this March goes through two apparently contradictory tips: on the one hand, you need to get moving, but also give space to rest to prevent your legs from suffering from the effort.

March will be a busy month, both emotionally and physically due to complications at work. And stress and strong emotions can take their toll, in this case, carrying your muscles through the shoulder area, down to your legs by the spine.

You have to unload this tension giving space to rest and doing stretches and exercises. Even if you feel those muscular pains, don't get confused, Sagittarius: this March, staying on the sofa or in bed is counterproductive. You need to move, feel dynamic.

In spite of some critical days in which you may be susceptible to infections, in general March is a month of health and fullness for centaurs, who will also receive good news about some medical results. Otherwise, the Magic Horoscope will help you to live healthier.