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The Sagittarius prediction for the month of July

Your Sagittarius predictions for July 2018
Magic Horoscope July | Monthly Horoscope


Love: Build your personality day by day

Dear Sagittariuses, July will be a slippery slope for your feelings. This month's keyword is "instability", with some optimistic, lucky days for love, and other days when things just won't work. That's why you have the chance of building your personality up, finding new strengths and reinforcing those virtues that help you challenge drawbacks.

Regarding your relationship, the month will have an awful start. You'll feel powerless to continue, many times stunned by constant decisions, and tempted too often to throw in the towel. You have a thirst for freedom that clashes against bonds.

Still, as days go by you'll see your relationship gives more than what you can appreciate. You need to prove your partner that you can give them a steady shared life. The second half of the month will be much better and you'll find new chances to know each other and improve your loving and sexy sides.

If, on the contrary, you're single Sagittariuses, luck is on your side. From the 5th, the stars will send you lots of positive energy.

As far as your mood goes, the week of the 9th to the 15th will be especially tough, with emotions running high, arguments and decisions to make. That leads to a change in your cycle of personal relationships from the 18th onwards, and you may isolate yourselves. But from the 26th, there's a healing process where you'll start to see the changes within you during the month.

Money: Profiling and leading

With a few ups-and-downs, July will be perfect to reinforce your profile at work and have leadership skills you had ignored up to now. You need to learn how to handle your ego and skills to work with you.

Learning languages, handling work conflicts, reinforcing your entrepreneuring side, overcoming insecurity, resting more and better to perform perfectly and boosting your intelligence instead of strength are some of your challenges for this upcoming month.

The results of all this effort will start to show from the second half of the month. You'll feel more comfortable at work and you'll be rewarded for your devotion and leadership.

Regarding your finances, July will be an unstable month. With some exceptions, you need to save up. On the 15th there's the start of an expansion stage in your business, but from the 20th and 21st there's a regression stage for your finances with a bit of a rocky end of the month.

Health: Watch your muscles and bones

Probably it's because you worked too hard and were stressful and nervous, but the structure holding up your body through muscles, bones and joints is at breaking point. The first days of the month will be essential to be careful about those areas of your body.

On the 1st it'll be your back, on the 3rd it'll be too much energy with negative consequences, on the 6th you'll have spine issues, and on the 8th, leg pain. During this stage, try to improve your diet and rest more.

From the 10th your mind will start to settle and you'll feel more lively. It'll be the perfect week to take up a new sport, or if you're exercising already, to make training more intense. Rest will still be important.

On the week of the 16th to the 22nd, your mind will be the main focus. You need to cleanse from bad vibrations, decompress your brain, start meditating or take up alternative therapy. On the 23rd, start a plan to recover your energy. July will end on a satisfying, healthy note.

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