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Magic Horoscope: The Sagittarius prediction for the month of June

Your Sagittarius predictions for June 2018
Magic Horoscope June for Sagittarius   |


Love: A month to open up your heart

June starts the same way it ends, with some love towards an acquaintance, who awakens your excitement and desire to live more passionately than ever. This will be the general rule of thumb for a month coming up with strong chances for you to open up your heart and let your purest feelings flow.

For instance, it'll be quite an appropriate month regarding your relationship with others. Good situations will come to solve pending issues with friends, so the peace-making process needs to be key for you this June. Once your friend issues are solved, you need to make a calm atmosphere from which to rebuild your friendship.

On the 5th, passion and excitement come back to your life as a crush, and on the 8th, the planets' arrangement will bring a special connection to Pisces. All of this sets you ready to find the inner harmony to strengthen your love towards your partner, if you have them, and your family as well. Rebuilding these ties will be quite helpful.

The end of this process comes on the 18th, with the entrance of new vibrations and positive sensations which raise your willingness and mood. You need to handle these emotions properly, for example with your partner or your best friend, opening up to them.

Regarding your partnered life, it'll be a calm month and you'll have to learn how to connect through inner harmony, and turn the good feelings into care, affection, attention, and a lot of love.


Money: A change of trend

Trend change. Engrave these words into your mind and repeat them to yourselves every day at the start of June when things go wrong. Because the beginning of the month will be complicated, with negative input and despair, but it will change from the 14th in a new phase of stabilisation.

Among those starting negative inputs there's your permanent desire of spending money like crazy, a debt that will surely overwhelm you, and which you must face with as much thought as you can, the constant need to save up, the call for help of a friend whom you need to help financially, a notification from the Treasury Department to get something sorted out... These are days when you must use all your thinking and calmness to be more efficient.

The 14th is the first day of a stabilisation process thanks to which you'll get minor balance, but balance after all, between expenses and income. Therefore, the second half of June will be very positive. You'll feel productive, satisfied and rewarded about your job, which will give you mental strength to face the slow and hard recovery process. On the first days of June you need to be cautious and care for your savings.

On the third week of June your mind will be busy at work. Many tasks to do, little time and some anxiety, but if you organise yourselves you'll see you can do everything efficiently. After a calm weekend you'll get into the final week optimistically, more relaxed about work, and with your finances all sorted out.

Health: Minor issues to improve

A month with a bit of everything but no serious danger. Your health will be affected in various areas, especially your head (throat, ears, teeth, memory) but, despite some scares with your heart, the rest is okay.

Leg or back pain, for example, are issues you've been dealing with for a while, which come from doing the wrong thing at work. Being disciplined when sitting (if you sit long hours in front of the computer) or lifting weights (if you do physical work) will help you ease the pain, which will be quite sharp on the 6th and 8th.

Another issue to tend to carefully is your heart. On the 13th your heart's health will worsen, most likely because of a progressive increase in artery clogging. Remember that prevention is essential for this, so start controlling things like collesterol, or smoking if you do that.

Your head area will also bring some trouble. On the 10th you'll experience audition loss, which may come from an earwax clog. On the 11th, your dental health, and on the 17th, pressure-related headaches. On the 20th you'll fall ill with a flu or cold, and stuffiness in your upper airway area. By the end of the month you'll feel much better.

It may seem like a rocky month, but if you think about it, these are minor issues that don't put your life at risk. Your heart issue is what needs to be cared for the most, but if you're timely enough with your prevention, it'll all be okay.