Magic Horoscope: The Sagittarius prediction for the month of May

Your Sagittarius predictions for May 2018
Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


Love: Build up your relationship through the small things

Sagittariuses, this month of May will be perfect for you to set things straight and strengthen some of your features in order to connect with others better. Generally, you'll have a positive vibe around your feelings.

Stars recommend you to stop being so stiff and give yourself to others with some caution. You should also find time to take care of your close ones, which will be very important if you're Sagittariuses with children. Pay them more attention.

Remember that daily care is very important for your relationship. There'll be many occasions to prove to each other how much love there is. Build up your relationship through daily love and small things.

There'll also be time for reflection and introspection. And if you're single Sagittariuses, show your seductive side because you'll be the kings and queens of the night. Friday the 4th is your day to shine.

Money: Financial recovery and lucky investment breaks

You come from a rough season and overcoming ruts can be hard sometimes, but in the first few days of May you'll see yourself rising. This will give you confidence to slowly make your situation steady.

If you're unemployed Sagittariuses, from the 5th onwards you'll get offers. Even if it isn't what you'd expect, remember that at the beginning you need to work, even if it isn't your natural profession.

This month you'll definitely need to make some room for your creative side, in order to bring out the most confident Sagittariuses from within. Your job has locked you off into a grey life and you need to start doing what you love.

It'll also be a great month for investments. The 13th and 26th will bring especially good luck, so take this chance; you can earn a great sum of money.

Health: Take better care of others, and include yourself in the mix

Even if you feel fine in the first fortnight of May, you need to pay attention to those around you. On the 3rd you'll have an incident with your pet, and on the 4th you'll have to take care of someone dear. On the 5th, one of your relatives' health will worsen.

That shouldn't make you forget that your own health is important, Sagittariuses. Some ailments may bring your strength down, even more so if you're not careful about certain addictions, like alcohol. The 12th is a turning point: your health will become worse.

It's nothing deeply serious, but you need to be more aware of the importance of staying healthy. In the second fortnight of May it'll be very important to exercise and visit your urologist or gynecologist to take care of your sexual health.