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Sagittarius February Stars Prediction

Sagittarius: Your Star Sign Revelations for February
Sagittarius: Your February Stars Prediction |


Be ready to face some ups and downs in your love life! You'll be concerned about some considerations on the truth behind your relationships. You feel something's not real. We all tend to blame others on cheating, but you'll have to think about your actions to change this. You may start controlling your partner, but in the end, you'll realize that you should stay true to yourself first. Only through a much needed period of individual reflection you'll clean away those bad vibes that stop you from meeting someone authentic.

Most of your emotional happy days will come thanks to your friends and family, always by your side.


You feel quite restless. Jupiter will influence you directly, dear Sagittarius. You've got important projects on mind and you're trying to carry them out, in any way possible. You'll see solutions where there used to be doubt.

However, you won't feel motivated at the office. You'll experience many ups and downs. Some days you'll be fine, especially because you like your workmates. Other days, your misunderstandings with your superiors and leaving your tasks for the last minute will make you feel like finding a new job.

You'll get back some money you thought you'd lost for good, but you'll have to make up for it by improving your situation at work.


Your month starts off on good health, but as the month goes by, you'll find small obstacles that could harm your outer skin, such as falls and scratches, which will come because you're not fully aware of what's going on in the here and now. You won't feel like doing much exercise either, and you'll see that on your looks by the end of the month.

Your constant intellectual concerns may also get you into trouble in this part of your life. You'll feel tempted to join make-believe spiritual growth associations, which are actually sects in disguise. This may be fatal to your mental health, with all the consequences of joining fanatics. In other news, you'll also feel interested about alternative healthcare and therapies... It's all about dead ends this month! Dear Sagittarius, true spirituality comes through self-knowledge in the form of sensible reflection; you're your own master.

To sum up, this will be the perfect month to have more awareness about what we do with our bodies and minds, and to know if we're 'feeding' them both properly.

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