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Your own vision of the world affects the way you view people, and this week’s positive feelings and tenderness are going to be the protagonists. You feel the urge to share your feelings with your loved ones, so don’t hold back.

A good idea for this week is to plan romantic activities and meeting that special person in your life. Go on, open your heart and don’t hesitate to show the best of you.

The best you can do is spending time with family and friends as they will provide you with the balance and the emotional support you need to deal with your daily life. For a better connection with people, try focusing on the similarities and not the differences, it will generate a peaceful environment.

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Your economy is going to face big changes, this is a good moment to sit down and evaluate your incomes and expenses. Effective management of your money will lay foundations for your future successful investments.  

Don’t miss the chance to stand out at work, your creative side will help you reach new positions and promotions. Your colleagues will appreciate your suggestions and contributions.

Enjoy the abundance around you, visit a museum or indulge in a delicious meal, whatever you do just realize that abundance doesn’t only depend on wealth.


Your spiritual side will support you when it comes to balancing your physical and emotional health. Why don’t you listen to a good speech, a conference, or read a book that inspires you? Remember that the mental influences the physical.

This is the best week to continue exercising, but don’t put too much pressure on yourself. A long stroll, breathing fresh air… they will benefit you and are easy to accomplish.

When it comes to food, why don’t you use your creativity to make easy, healthy recipes?  Don’t complicate things trying to follow new trends, they have nothing to do with your needs.