Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope for 1 - 7 July

Magic Horoscope’s most important predictions for this week
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A really surprising week is waiting for you. Adventure, fun and pleasure will be the protagonists of your love life. You will receive surprises, unexpected proposals and many types of adventures.

If you’re single, you will meet someone special outside of your usual environment. Extreme sports, new places, visiting distant places… this type of things will unite you two as kindred spirits. If you want to live your love with intensity, you will have to take risks.  

All in all, this week you will see your craziest side flourish and live your life with intensity. Whether you have a partner or not, it’s the perfect time to challenge your wildest and funniest self.

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The goddess Fortune will be on your side this week. It will guide you and give you the advice to find the best way to increase your earnings. Don’t be afraid and invest in promising projects.

If that’s what you really want, there will be a before and after in your professional life. Your future is in your hands. Stop putting off the moment to change your professional and working life. Everything is on your side for you to succeed.

It will be a really positive week for everything related to money, job and business. Daring and being brave will be the key, don’t be afraid of changes.


You will feel well physically, you will pay more attention to your health, not only physical but also emotional Your physical appearance will be a priority for you, so you will probably change your look.

It’s will be a good moment to try new foods and establish different routines in your daily life. Keep doing your workouts, and if you still haven’t got an exercise plan, it’s time to create one.

Everything you want to do this week related to your health will be successful this week. You will feel strong enough to do everything you want to do. You will also feel emotionally strong and with self-control.