Sagittarius, this week comes with changes in your life. Some things aren’t going as you wanted and you’re ready and willing to carry out this transformation in your love life.

By the middle of the week, there could be some conflict with your partner or a relative. Eventually, you will gain control of your emotions and at the end of the week, everything will be positive again.

Single Sagittarius, you will feel attracted by someone closer to you. Maybe it will be someone from your professional life. It will be someone older than you and whose personality is totally opposite to yours.

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You’ve enjoyed abundance for a while now but it’s time you start considering some aspects of your finances. You need better management of your money; you don’t want to end up in debt.

This week you will be very likely to spend more money than usual. Maybe you won’t have any money left to save at the end of the month. You need to be very careful if you want to avoid this situation.

The influence of some planets will affect your work life. You will feel like renovating yourself and improving the relationship you have with your colleagues. However, you won’t be able to avoid a confrontation with an immediate superior of yours.


This week’s prediction on health says you will recover. If you’re suffering from some pain or discomfort, you will feel an improvement.

By the end of the week, you could suffer from stress and emotional tension. Your blood pressure could raise more than it should so don’t hesitate and go to the doctor if this is the case. You shouldn’t let these problems escalate.

It’s time you find some technique that helps you relax. You don’t want to have these stress-related health problems. Remember that your mental state is reflected in your body.