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After a very reflective time in which you have been able to find yourself, the week begins with the demand for a new awakening that brings you back to activity. It is time to put into practice everything you have learned. 

If you don't manage to break the silence in your partner, it could end badly. Wednesday will be a turning point to improve the relationship with your family and recover the best part of you. In the final stretch of the week, emotions accelerate.

This week, you will realize that things around you evolve positively if you create the right environment. It is in your hands to find the renewal that gives you vitality and joy. You end the week with an ardent and passionate day.


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You're exploiting only a low percentage of your possibilities, Sagittarius. What if you set out to explore new fields where you can find new opportunities? During the week, try to cover only those tasks you can accomplish.

On Wednesday you will reach number one thanks to your skills, but also to your ability to react and your agility. At the end of the week you will be assisted by ingenuity, reason and a wonderful revelation.

In the economic sphere, you will see the arrival of money in your coffers and that can make you lose your way. In finance, the stars warn, especially after Thursday, chaos, lack of control and lack of planning.

On the weekend you will have to make important decisions, both in terms of finances and a major project.


The neck area is expected as a focus of problems early in the week, and especially the voice. Muscle pain, bone problems and joint complaints also deserve to be tackled more decisively.

This week it is very important that you give alternative therapies the importance they have. To turn your healing into a simple matter of faith is to walk the wrong path. On the other hand, you are completing the recovery process thanks to your dynamism.

At the end of the week you will also have a quick recovery of the spirit, which will make you walk along a path of peace and tranquility. Your sexual desire skyrockets and the stars recommend controlling your cholesterol levels.